Q 1. What is MediDebt?
A.MediDebt (MediDebt Australia Pty Ltd) is a national online database of defaulters. The MediDebt database enables all health professionals and financial institutions Australia-wide to verify the credit worthiness of individuals, prior to offering them their services.
Q 2. Besides members who else has access to the MediDebt database?
A.Financial Institutions i.e. banks etc and Medidebtís administration executives will have access to the database.
Q 3. How does MediDebt work?
A.Members of MediDebt check a new customerís personal details against the national online database and refuse treatment if the customer has an outstanding debt owed at another memberís practice. When all members together decline services to blacklisted defaulters, it compels the default patient to return and pay the debt.
Q 4. As a member how do I access the MediDebt database?
A.Once MediDebt has received your payment, you will be provided with a User I.D. and password via email. This information can be used by you to logon and access the database.
Q 5. Does MediDebt comply with the Privacy Act of 1988?
A.MediDebt complies with all State and Federal legislation pertaining to the privacy Act of 1988.
Q 6. How much is the member's subscription fees?
A. 1 years subscription is $0.00 (paid up front). Please check for specials on the homepage on MediDebtís website, under the submenu ďmembership feesĒ.
Q 7. Where is your corporate office?
A. Our corporate office is based at Suite 25/220 Fairway Circle, Connolly, WA, 6027.
Q 8. Do I have to sign a contract?
A.No, there are no contracts. However, clients are required to adhere to a basic agreement to ensure ethical usage of the MediDebt database and to abide by our policies.
Q 9. What area does MediDebt cover?
A. MediDebt's coverage is Australia wide.
Q 10. Is there a limit on the number of Default Patients that each member can list onto the database?
A.No, there is no limit to the number of default patient files. You can list one or as many as you like.
Q 11. Can I list debts onto the database that are a few years old (prior to becoming a Member of MediDebt)?
A. Yes, there are no limitations, however, the rule of thumb is, the greater the time lapse, greater is the probability that the default patientís details may have changed, diminishing the recovery rate. Two years may be the most reasonable time frame to consider.
Q 12. How much dollar value should the debt be to warrant a listing on the database?
A.Any outstanding amount is considered acceptable to list on the database. However, its worth thinking twice if its merely a few dollars or cents.
Q 13. Can I trial MediDebt for a period less than a year?
A. No, there is a 12 months minimum subscription to MediDebt.
Q 14. Do I get a refund if I cancel my subscription to MediDebt?
A.No refunds will be issued for early cancellation.
Q 15. What do I get for my money?
A.Access to a nation wide database of current default patients. Ability to recover past debts without any further cost to you. Safeguarding your business from future defaulters.
Q 16. How long before I see results?
A. Results can be immediate depending on when a default patient presents themselves to a memberís practice to receive treatment. You may also see results within 7 days of issuing the notice form to current defaulters.
Q 17. Can I delete or edit a default patientís details listed by another member?
A. No, only the member that lists the default patientís details onto the database can delete or edit. Other members can only view the patientís details.