How it Works

Here is a sample search for a default debtor in the MediDebt database.

Step 1) Once logged into the MediDebt website, click "Search Database" from the Members home

Step 2) Enter patient's first name, last name and state, then at least one additional form of identification (ie. date of birth, phone, drivers licence or medicare number)

Step 3) Click "Search"

Step 4) The search result will be displayed with 3 possible outcomes:

a) Red - The patient has a current debt with another MediDebt member

b) Orange - The patient had a previous debt (which has since been paid) with another MediDebt member

c) Green - No debt can be found for the patient

Note: the buttons displayed after a search may vary due to membership permission and status of the default patient.

Step 5) If a current or previous debt has been found, you have the option to view more details once you have received permission from the patient.

If the default patient was entered by another MediDebt member, you may only view certain details of the debt in compliance with Federal and State privacy legislation.