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The Ten National Privacy Principles

  1. Collection of personal information must be fair, lawful and NOT intrusive. A person must be told:
    1. The organization name
    2. The purpose of the collection
    3. They have access to the information

  2. An organization can only use or disclose the information for the purpose it was collected. Unless the person has consented.
  3. Reasonable steps should be taken to ensure that the information collected is accurate, complete and up to date.
  4. Reasonable steps should be taken to protect personal information from loss or misuse, unauthorized access etc.
  5. Ensure that a policy document is available to anyone that asks, explaining its information handling practices.
  6. Their information must be made accessible to the individual upon request.
  7. Identifiers issued by the Federal Gorverment cannot be used as the primary ID (ie: Passport / Medicare)
  8. Sensitive information about an individual such as color of skin, religion, political perferences etc. cannot be collected.
  9. Organisations must give people the option to interact with it anonymously whenever it is lawful and practical to do so.
  10. An organization can only send data to a foreign country where they have appropriate protection.

    - Privacy Act 1988
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