Membership Info

Membership Criteria

You must be a registered Health Care Professional.

Registration process to be a member

Once criteria is met, membership is a simple three (3) step process. Click the JOIN tab in the menu, under the member services heading, and follow the prompts.

Condition of membership

• You are required to abide by the membership agreement.
• You are required to abide by the Ten National Privacy Principles.
• You are required to pay the subscription fees in full.

NOTE: The payment option can only be accessed after clicking the “I ACCEPT” box at the bottom of the ‘membership agreement’ and the ‘Ten National Privacy Principles’ pages.

There are Three methods of payment available to you

1. Credit card
2. Business Cheque
3. Money Order

Once payment has been received, as a new member you will immediately receive the necessary password and user ID via email. This is highly confidential and is to be retained by the member only. You will now have access to the national database to upload or list your default patient’s details.

IMPORTANT: Once you login with your user ID and password, click “Using MediDebt online” from the menu, under the members service heading. Read the information thoroughly, as it explains how to use the database in detail.

Should you have any queries and wish to speak to one of MediDebt’s support staff, please call us on:
1300 766 074