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"Defaulter" means an individual who owes monies to another party
"File"means an individual's personal information recorded on the MediDebt database
"MediDebt"means the online registry of debtors
"Member"means an health service provider who is a registered subscriber of MediDebt Australia Pty Ltd

What is MediDebt ?

  • Medidebt Australia Pty Ltd is a national online database of debtors, exclusively pertaining to the health industry. MediDebt's members lists details of individuals that have failed to pay for a service, no less than 60 days after the date of payment was due.
  • Medidebt's database enables members and financial instituations Australia-wide to verify the credit worthiness of individuals, prior to offering them a service.

Why am I being checked against the Medidebt database ?

Details of individuals requesting a service from a MediDebt member are checked against the database. This is to verify that the individual has no oustanding accounts with any of MediDebt's members.

What happens if I have a debt recorded on Medidebt ?

  • If a previous unpaid debt is recorded on Medidebt, the health service provider has the option to refuse service to the individual concerned.

Are my details completely deleted from MediDebt once I pay my debt ?

  • Once the debt is paid your status changes from 'current debtor' to 'individual with a history of having incurred a debt'. This remains for the duration of 3 years from the date payment was made. The complete file is then deleted and no record of the debt is maintained.

How & when can I have my personal file deleted?

Medidebt will immediately remove a debtor's listing from the database if and when:

  • A listing was made in error by a member
  • Evidence is given of mistaken identity
  • The member no longer exists
  • Evidence is provided of wrongful use of identity
  • Evidence is provided of bankruptcy
Medidebt will investigate all inquiries against members and will allow members 7 days to respond. If a member fails to respond within the 7 days, or responds unfavourably, the listing will be deleted from the database.

How long after I pay my debt can I avail of MediDebt's member's services?

Under the Privacy Act 1988, members are allowed 21 days to delete a debtor's listing as current status. However, if you wish to expedite the process, contact the MediDebt Helpline with evidence of payment. Once payment has been verified the listing of 'current status' will be deleted immediately. You will then be informed, of this, by phone.

When can my personal information be listed on the database?

Your personal details can only be listed on MediDebt:

  • If you have an outstanding debt with a member, and if no less than 60 days have lapsed from the day payment was due.

Who has access to my personal file?

Medidebt enables all health service providers and financial institutions Australia-wide to access your details in order to verify your creditworthiness prior to offering you their services.

What personal information is held in my file?

  • Your full name
  • Your Date of birth
  • Your phone number
  • Your driver's license number
  • Your Medicare number
  • The location where debt was incurred
  • The amount of debt outstanding
  • The date debt was incurred

What information in my file is accessable by MediDebt members?

Members are able to view the outstanding debt amount and the name of the practice where the debt was incurred.

How is my personal information used and secured?

Medidebt is a debt registry system and strictly adheres to the ten National Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act (1988).

The information on the database is recorded by the member with whom the debt has occurred. No one else has access to the information, other than staff of Medidebt. The sole purpose of the information is to accurately verify the identity of the individual prior to service being provided by a member. None of the information is used for any other purpose.

Individuals inquiring about their personal files must be positively identified before information is released to them. Strict procedural controls are in place to ensure that this occurs.

Usage of computer system firewalls at various locations ensures a high level of computer security.

NOTE: It is an offence under Federal Privacy legislation to improperly access a copy of a file that is not your own and a breach may result in a penalty of up to $30,000.

How do I access information held in my file?

If you wish to access information of your outstanding debt, then this information can be accessed by the following method:

  • Online by filling out the details and submitting your request via the Medidebt website (
  • Printing and completing the 'Credit File' form and faxing it to Medidebt.
What are the steps to resolve a dispute?

  1. Advise the Medidebt member of the dispute:
    • in writing (preferable);
    • by fax or by mailing a copy of the letter to Medidebt
    • by phoning the Medidebt Helpline
  2. Medidebt will contact the member and investigate the dispute.
  3. Medidebt provides the member 7 days to respond.
  4. If the member cannot substantiate their claim, the listing is deleted and you will be informed by phone.
  5. If the member provides evidence and substantiates their claim, you will be advised of this by phone. You will then have to resolve the dispute with the member directly.
Contact information

To access information in your file or for debt resolution advice:

  • MEDIDEBT Helpline on 1300 766 074 (Open: Weekdays 9am to 5pm, WST. Not open on weekends or public holidays)
  • MEDIDEBT Website: (