10 Reasons To Choose MediDebt

  1. MediDebt is the only national online default patient database providing a support service exclusively to all health professionals within Australia.
  2. MediDebt abides by all State and Federal privacy legislation.
  3. MediDebt is 100% Australian owned and operated.
  4. MediDebt is owned and operated by individuals who have worked in the health industry for over 11 years, and having faced similar problems with patient debts, have now put together this website to assist all health professionals with a solution to combat a common 'patient debt' problem.
  5. MediDebt helps by recovering monies owed to you without chasing it.
  6. MediDebt is a system that offers an insight into a potential client's credit worthiness.
  7. MediDebt not only helps to safeguard you from future debt but helps you to recover money owed to you from the past debts without having to pay 7% to 25% to debt collectors.
  8. MediDebt provides you with peace of mind by allowing you to offer patients payment plans. It's a system that curtails potentially high risk defaulters from availing services and absconding without paying.
  9. MediDebt saves you more money by freeing your staff to do other tasks instead of spending precious time hounding defaulters and getting verbally abused in the process.
  10. MediDebt is the most cost effective debt recovery system in Australia.